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Lithium Chemicals

Lithium Chemicals are commonly acquired via the reaction of lithium carbonate with lime. These are employed for making lithium salts of stearic as well as other fatty acids, which are then widely applicable as thickeners in lubricating lubricants. These special chemicals have a number of significant as well as interesting usages. In current years, these have been employed to make lightweight as well as efficient batteries. Compounds of these chemicals have also been employed to treat a mental disorder recognized as bipolar disorder. Relevant in the production of aircraft, Lithium Chemicals are mostly used in their stearatum form.
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Lithium Bromide

  • Molecular Formula:BrLi
  • Physical Form:Powder
  • Solubility:Soluble In Methanol, Ethanol, Ether, Acetone; Slightly Soluble In Pyridine
  • Storage:Room Temperature
  • Taste:Bitter
  • CAS No:7550-35-8
  • Usage:BrLi is Used In Absorption, Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Density:at 25 °C 1.57 Gram per millilitre (g/mL)

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